About the YLS

The Young Lawyers Section (YLS), founded in 1971, was created to address the needs and interests of newly admitted attorneys. To satisfy these needs the YLS offers substantive practice committees as well as public service committees and projects. The diversity of committees and projects affords a wide variety of ways for attorneys to participate in the YLS. Through this participation, the YLS encourages attorneys to develop and pursue innovative ideas and programs.

Since its inception, the Section has enjoyed national prominence, having repeatedly received the American Bar Association award for the best Young Lawyers Section in the United States as well as numerous awards for individual projects and programs. With over 9,000 members, the Section has its own officers, rules, budget, staff and administrative structure.


YLS Executive Council
The YLS Executive Council is composed of approximately 100 volunteer attorneys. The Council consists of nine officers, nine directors, special project coordinators and committee chairs. The purpose of the Council is to address the needs and interests of attorneys during their first 10 years of practice.


YLS Annual Report
A synopsis of the seminars, committee meetings, public service projects and volunteer activities held throughout the bar year, which is on a June to June calendar. Click on the image below to take a look at what the YLS accomplished during the 2015-2016 bar year under the leadership of Matthew Passen.


YLS History
Over forty years ago, the YLS was created to encourage young lawyers to work together on projects for their community and for their profession.  Over the course of the 2010-2011 bar year a historical chronicle documenting the camaraderie and the successes of each YLS bar year was created.  What began as a small group of fifty young lawyers hosting continuing legal education programs covering a handful of substantive law areas has grown into a dynamic and diverse group of more than 9,000 lawyers and law student members.  The YLS now boasts nearly 30 substantive law committees and implements close to 50 special projects every bar year.


YLS Survey of the Current State of the Profession and the Organized Bar
One of the marquis projects implemented by the YLS in service to our members during the 11-12 bar year consisted of a survey of the YLS membership regarding the current state of the profession, its future, and how the YLS can better serve its members. The 85-question survey covered a number of topics, which included questions about the current state of the profession and questions regarding the performance of the YLS. With respect to the current and future state of the profession, the survey sought information about job content; career and skills development; leadership; cooperation and work environment; salary and compensation; and tenure. With respect to YLS and CBA membership, the survey covered numerous items, including: bar membership and participation; committees; seminars and CLE programming; socials; public service projects; and career development.  Approximately 770 members (or 15% of those solicited) responded to the survey, providing invaluable insights into both the profession and the YLS’ role in providing benefits to our members. The results of this survey will assist the YLS’ in improving existing member service projects and creating new ones to further benefit our members.  Click here to view the results of the survey.



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