Future of the Practice of Law in Chicago



The practice of law is changing, stress is increasing, job satisfaction decreasing, finding clients is more difficult, legal fees are on the rise and poor attitudes are widespread. It is our winter of discontent. We need your help.


Chicago lawyers, law schools, and judicial system are facing challenges which have lessened our enjoyment of our profession. On October 5, the CBA gathered lawyers from diverse practice areas, law schools, the judicial system and government service to study some of the challenges which exist in the profession, law schools and the judiciary.


The group identified specific, current and difficult issues focusing on these areas:
• ADR-ODR and Conflict Resolution Skills
• Diversity and Inclusion
• Economics of the Practice of Law
• Justice and the Legal System
• Law School Trends
• Life and the Practice of Law


Subcommittees focusing on the above areas submitted working reports prior to the October 5 event.  Links to those reports are below. 


We would appreciate your completing the survey based on those reports and October 5 discussions at ________________________________________________.


Working together to make our jobs and life easier.



Planning Committee Members:
Arthur Acevedo • Ben Alba • Aurora Austriaco • Mary Ann Becker • Jonathan Beitner • Robin Belleau • Joe Bisceglia • Hon. Karen Bowes • Jesse Bowman • Chasity Boyce • Don Brown • Shannon Callahan • Hon. Bonita Coleman • Lisa Colpoys • Dan Cotter • Mary Curry • Kareem Dale • Marianne Deagle • Natasha Dorsey • James Faught • Jessica Fayerman • Teresa Frisbie • Rita Ghose • Bob Glaves • Hon. Alan Goldberg • Maurice Grant • E. Lynn Grayson • Ed Grossman • Hon. Robert Harris • Skip Harsch • Renee Hatcher • Corinne Heggie • Paula Holderman • Hon. Cecilia Horan • Hon. Michael Hyman • Ron Jones • Tom Keefe • Tracy Kepler • Randy Kiser • Rae Kyritsi • Natalie Laczek • Janet Laybold • Eileen Letts • Cookie Levitz • Katie Liss • Conor Malloy • Hon. Maritza Martinez • Hon. Mary Mikva • Jennifer Morrow • Hon. Thomas R. Mulroy • Patricia O'Brien • Matthew Passen • Preston Pugh • Jun Qiu • Catherine Sanders Reach • Jayne Reardon • Trisha Rich • Emily Roschek • Morgan Rosenberg • Colin Rule • Dave Scriven-Young • Eric Slepak • Mary Smith • Joe Stone • Ian Turvill • Andrew Vail • Frank Valderrama • Tom Valenti • Efrain Vega • Lara Wagner • Megan Webster • Claire Whitehead • Brian Wilson • Mark Wojcik • Tanya Woods

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