Bylaw Vote

April 23, 2013


The Board of Managers retained Jonathan T. Howe of the law firm of Howe & Hutton, Ltd., a noted expert in the area of not-for-profit organizations and governance, to review the Bylaws of The Chicago Bar Association. Pursuant to Article 10, section (b) this summary memorandum of the changes is being submitted to the membership. The last time amendments were made to the bylaws was in 1996. It was felt by the Board that it was time for the bylaws to be reviewed to accomplish the following:


  • Assure compliance with current state laws governing not for profit organizations and federal laws, most particularly the Internal Revenue Code, governing tax exempt organizations;
  • Consider best practices for not for profit organizations;
  • Reflect current practices and practical needs for the Association;


As a result, a comprehensive review was undertaken. The proposed amendments as summarized in the memorandum below reflect the changes reviewed and approved by the Board of Managers at its December 2012 meeting subject to final approval of the voting members of the Association pursuant to current Article 10 of the Bylaws.


Important Documents:

Summary of Propsed Bylaw Admendments Memorandum (in PDF)

CBA Bylaws with Proposed Changes (in PDF)

Bylaw Proxy (in PDF)