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Professional Responsibility CLE

Need Professional Responsibility Credit by June 30?
Satisfy your 6 hours of required credit by watcing an archived Webcasts of past CLE seminars:


Ethical Issues in Client Representation (1.75 IL PR Credit, recorded Dec. 5, 2014)


Your Attack on the Affidavit (1 IL PR Credit, recorded Dec. 4, 2014)


What's Hot and What's Not in Professional Responsibility (2 IL PR Credit, recorded Dec. 2, 2014)


Ethics for the Business Attorney (3 IL PR Credit, recorded Nov. 19, 2014)


Personal Branding for Law Firm Success (1.5 IL PR Credit, recorded Nov. 18, 2014)


Using an iPad in Your Legal Practice (2 IL PR Credit, recorded Nov. 11, 2014)


Persuasiveness in Court (2 IL PR Credit, recorded Nov. 7, 2014)


The Internet: Friend or Foe for the Criminal Defense Attorney (2 IL MCLE Credit, Oct. 30, 2014)


The Art of Mediation A.M. Sessions (3 IL PR Credit, Oct. 22, 2014)


The Art of Mediation P.M. Sessions (3 IL PR Credit, Oct. 22, 2014)


Evidence & Objections (2.75 IL PR Credit, Oct. 15, 2014)


Overlooked Aspects of Trial (2.5 IL PR Credit, Oct. 14, 2014)


Using the Web for Investigative and Legal Research (1.5 IL PR Credit, Sept. 11, 2014)


Content is King: How to Get Published and Get Noticed for It (1.5 IL PR Credit, Aug. 21, 2014)


Breakfast Basics Series: Preserving Issues for Appeal At the Trial Level (0.75 IL PR Credit, recorded June 17, 2014)


Ethical Issues in Client Representation (1.75 IL PR Credit, recorded June 17, 2014)


Ethics of Class Action Settlements (1.75 IL PR Credit, recorded June 18, 2014)


Basics of Project Management (1 IL PR Credit, recorded June 19, 2014)


The Healthy Lawyer: Surviving Your Legal Career and Living to Tell About It (1.5 IL PR Credit, recorded July 17, 2014)


Administrative Law Conference (AM Sessions) (2.25 IL PR Credit, recorded June 16, 2014)


Administrative Law Conference (PM Sessions) (3. IL PR Credit, recorded June 16, 2014)


Litigating the Legal Malpractice Case (2 IL PR Credit, recorded June 5, 2014)


Breakfast Basics: Incorporating Technology Into Your Practice (0.75 IL PR Credit, recorded May 22, 2014)


Why Tomorrow’s Top Lawyers Must Embrace Wellness Today (And What You Need to Do to Be One of Them) (1.5 IL PR, recorded May 19, 2014)


Laughter Really is the Best Medicine: Strategies and Tactics to Manage Stress and Adversity  (1.5 IL PR, recorded May 16, 2014)


Hiring for Your Law Firm  (1.25 IL PR, recorded May 15, 2014)


The Social You: Positioning Yourself Online for Success  (1.25 IL PR, recorded May 9, 2014)


Effective Billing To Minimize Lost Time & Revenue: "How Do I Actually Make Money Doing This?"  (0.75 IL PR, recorded May 7, 2014)


A Glimpse of Digital Forensics  (0.75 IL PR, recroded May 7, 2014)


Building Your Practice Through Referrals  (2.5 IL PR, recorded May 1, 2014)


Value of Mentoring and Networking  (1.25 IL PR, recorded May 1, 2014)


It's Elementary: Sam Seedy Wasn't Thinking (An Ethics Saga) (2 IL PR, recorded April 29, 2014)


Recent Ethical Issues: A View From Both Sides (a Regulator and a Private Attorney) (2 IL PR, recorded 4/24/2014)


Tomorrow's Law Firm Today: Alternative Business Structures (1.25 IL PR, recorded 4/17/2014)


Breakfast Basics: Preparing Your Case and Your Client for Mediation (0.75 IL PR, recorded 4/16/2014)


Creating SuperFans Through Client Experience (0.75 IL PR, recorded 4/7/2014)


Implicit Bias in the Legal Profession (1.75 IL PR, recorded 3/25/2014)


Expand Your Practice With a La Carte Legal Services - Part 2 (1.25 IL PR, recorded 3/20/2014)


Ethical Issues in Trust and Estate Planning (2.5 IL PR, recorded 3/13/2014)


Reinvigorated Regulatory Enforcement (1.0 IL PR [2.75 Total MCLE], recorded 3/12/2014)


Deposing the Party and the Party's Expert in a Medical Malpractice Case (2.5 IL PR, recorded 3/6/2014)


Racial Justice (2.5 IL PR, recorded 3/4/2014)


Legal Marketing Boot Camp (5.75 IL PR, recorded 3/3/2014)


Breakfast Basics: How To Create a Trial Notebook for Use At Trial (.75 IL PR, recorded 2/20/2014)


Expand Your Practice With a La Carte Legal Services - Part 1 (1.25 IL PR, recorded 2/20/2014)


Trial Techniques for Every Stage of a Case (2.5 IL PR, recorded 2/13/2014)


Creating a Game Plan for Client Relationship Building (1.0 IL PR, recorded 2/5/2014)


Brush With the Law: 6 Principles of Art & Law (2.0 IL PR, recorded 2/3/2014)


Real Estate Taxation (0.50 PR [2.75 Total MCLE], recorded 1/29/2014)


Breakfast Basics Series: Client Development: How To Become a Rainmaker (0.75 IL PR, recorded 1/23/2014)


Motion Practice in Cook County Circuit Court's Law Division (2.25 IL PR, recorded 1/23/2014)


Mediating the Difficult Case: A Peek Inside the Fish Bowl (1.75 IL PR, recorded 1/22/2014)


Ring in 2014: Practice Management & Tech Tips (1.5 IL PR, recorded 1/16/2014)


Ethics Jeopardy (1.0 IL PR, recorded 1/8/2014)


Tips and Tools for Time Management (1.25 IL PR, recorded 12/18/2013)


Trial Advocacy & Rules of Evidence (1.75 IL PR, recorded 12/17/2013)


How To Think Like a Future Lawyer: Most of What You Really Wanted to Know About Professional Responsibility You Learned in Kindergarten (1.0 IL PR, recorded 12/13/2013)


Mentor Program: Dangerous Curves Ahead: The Crossroads of Technology and the Rules of Professional Conduct (0.75 IL PR, recorded 12/05/2013)


Goodbye Billable Hour, Hello Alternative/Flat Fees for Litigation Services (1.25 IL PR, recorded 11/21/2013)


Ethics for the Business Attorney (2.75 IL PR, recorded 11/20/2013)


Arbitration: A Detailed Guide (3.5 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/8/2013)


Mastering Section 2-615 Motions to Dismiss (1 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/7/013)


Business Development and Client Relationship for the Insurance Attorney (2.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/5/2013)


Strategies for Success at Trial (2.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 10/18/2013)


Tactics for Using Social Media for Client Development (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 10/17/2013)


Evidence & Objections (2.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 10/16/2013)


Courtroom Cross: Statutory Summary Suspension (2.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 10/3/2013)


Choosing a Business Entity for Your New Law Firm (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 9/19/2013)


90 Days Before Trial (1.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 9/17/2013)


Metadata, Redaction, and Other (Tech) Bumps in the Night (1.25 IL PR Credit, 8/15/2013)


Effective ADR Solutions To the E-Discovery Essential Technology for the Virtual Law Practice (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 07/18/2013) 


Money Management for Lawyers (2.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/21/2013)


Introduction To Mediation (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/20/2013)


Crossroads of Ethics & Technology for Government (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/18/2013)


Taking and Defending Depositions in State/Federal Courts (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/13/2013)


Professional Responsibility in Bankruptcy Cases (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/05/2013)


Privacy & Data Security in a Mobile World (0.75 IL PR Credit [2.50 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 06/04/2013)


Administrative Law Conference - AM Session  (1.0 IL PR Credit [2.25 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 06/03/2013)


Branded Labels: New Marketing Modalities for Lawyers (2.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/29/2013)


Backup Strategies (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/23/2013)


Professional Growth Through New Tools & Technologies (1.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/21/2013)


Developing & Building a Virtual Law Practice (1.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/16/2013)


A Web of Ethics: Applying IL Rules of Professional Responsibility (1.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/10/2013)


What You Might Not Know About Malpractice Insurance (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/09/2013)


Federal Tax: Offers in Compromise (1.0 IL PR Credit [2.25 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 06/03/2013)


Rethinking the Practice of Law: Niche Practice Areas (1.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 04/25/2013)


Strategies for Dealing With Problem Parties (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 04/04/2013)


Representing Public Entities on Sensitive Issues (1.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 03/25/2013)


Role of Gender on Mediation & Settlement Strategy (1.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 03/08/2013)


Technology To Serve Today's Clients (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 02/21/2013)


Labor & Employment Law Update (0.50 IL PR Credit [2.25 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 02/20/2013)


Prosecutorial Misconduct (1.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 02/08/2013)