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Professional Responsibility CLE

Need Professional Responsibility Credit by June 30?
Satisfy your 6 hours of required credit by attending an upcoming CLE seminar in-person at the CBA or via live Webcast. Archived Webcasts of past CLE seminars are also available.


Upcoming Options:
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The First and Next Levels of Success: How to Think Like a Future Lawyer (2 IL PR, subject to approval)
December 13, 2013 / 12:00 PM - 2:10 PM
New lawyers can be particularly vulnerable to ethics violations as they build their law practices and begin to absorb practical implications of the attorney ethics rules. This program will examine specific high-risk areas related to substantive competentence, and more.


Trial Advocacy & Rules of Evidence (2.0 IL PR, subject to approval)
December 17, 2013 / 12:00 PM - 2:10 PM
Understand how to effectively advocate for your client by presenting your best case at trial.


Tips and Tools for Time Management (1.50 IL PR, subject to approval)
December 18, 2013 / 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Methodolgoies and technologies to help speed time consuming tasks. Learn to control your in-box, harness your task management, reduce distractions, and more.


Archived Webcasts


Goodbye Billable Hour, Hello Alternative/Flat Fees for Litigation Services (1.5 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/21/2013)


Ethics for the Business Attorney (3 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/20/2013)


Arbitration: A Detailed Guide (3.5 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/8/2013)


Mastering Section 2-615 Motions to Dismiss (1 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/7/013)


Business Development and Client Relationship for the Insurance Attorney (2.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/5/2013)


Strategies for Success at Trial (2.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 10/18/2013)


Tactics for Using Social Media for Client Development (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 10/17/2013)


Evidence & Objections (2.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 10/16/2013)


Courtroom Cross: Statutory Summary Suspension (2.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 10/3/2013)


Choosing a Business Entity for Your New Law Firm (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 9/19/2013)


90 Days Before Trial (1.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 9/17/2013)


Metadata, Redaction, and Other (Tech) Bumps in the Night (8/15/2013)


Effective ADR Solutions To the E-Discovery Essential Technology for the Virtual Law Practice (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 07/18/2013) 


Money Management for Lawyers (2.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/21/2013)


Introduction To Mediation (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/20/2013)


Crossroads of Ethics & Technology for Government (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/18/2013)


Taking and Defending Depositions in State/Federal Courts (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/13/2013)


Professional Responsibility in Bankruptcy Cases (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/05/2013)


Privacy & Data Security in a Mobile World (0.75 IL PR Credit [2.50 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 06/04/2013)


Administrative Law Conference - AM Session  (1.0 IL PR Credit [2.25 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 06/03/2013)


Branded Labels: New Marketing Modalities for Lawyers (2.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/29/2013)


Backup Strategies (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/23/2013)


Professional Growth Through New Tools & Technologies (1.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/21/2013)


Developing & Building a Virtual Law Practice (1.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/16/2013)


A Web of Ethics: Applying IL Rules of Professional Responsibility (1.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/10/2013)


What You Might Not Know About Malpractice Insurance (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/09/2013)


Federal Tax: Offers in Compromise (1.0 IL PR Credit [2.25 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 06/03/2013)


Rethinking the Practice of Law: Niche Practice Areas (1.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 04/25/2013)


Strategies for Dealing With Problem Parties (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 04/04/2013)


Representing Public Entities on Sensitive Issues (1.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 03/25/2013)


Role of Gender on Mediation & Settlement Strategy (1.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 03/08/2013)


Technology To Serve Today's Clients (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 02/21/2013)


Labor & Employment Law Update (0.50 IL PR Credit [2.25 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 02/20/2013)


Prosecutorial Misconduct (1.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 02/08/2013)


Ethics Jeopardy (0.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 01/09/2013)


Intersection of Ethics and Technology (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 12/18/2012)


Succession Planning (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 12/13/2012)


Mechanics Lien & Construction Claims - PM Session (0.75 IL PR Credit [2.50 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 12/12/2012)


State of the Profession (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 12/07/2012)


Ethics for the Corporate Attorney (2.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/27/2012)


Lighting the Corners: Security Best Practices (1.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/20/2012)


Unauthorized Practice of Law (2.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/15/2012)


Harnessing MS Outlook for Practice Management (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 10/23/2012)


Representing People with Disabilities (1.75 PR Credits, recorded 10/22/2012)


Law Practice Start Up Boot Camp - Session 1 (1.0 IL PR Credit [1.50 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 10/04/2012)


Law Practice Start Up Boot Camp - Session 2 (0.25 IL PR Credit [3.0 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 10/04/2012)


Executive Compensation Institute - PM Session (1.0 IL PR Credit [2.50 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 10/02/2012)


How To Form An Illinois Business Entity - Part 2 (0.50 IL PR Credit [2.75 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 09/20/2012)


Understanding Diversity and Inclusion Issues in the Legal Profession (0.50 PR Credits, recorded 09/06/2012)


How Lawyers Can Use Collaboration Tools (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 08/22/2012)
How to ethically engage your clients through tools such as video conferencing, file sharing, and more.


Native American Lawyers, Civil Rights and Federal Indian Law (1.25 PR Credits, recorded 08/03/2012)


Everything You Need to Know About Trust Accounting (2.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/28/2012)
Handling of client funds per the Rules of Professional Conduct.


Franchising and Effective ADR (1.5 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/26/2012)


Hot Topics in Professional Responsibility (2.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/15/2012)
Variety of ethics topics including conflicts of interest, spoilation of evidence, and more.


Ethical Issues Arising in Litigation (2.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 06/07/2012)
Topics will include ethical issues with witness preparation and settlement discussions.


Using Technology to Communicate with Clients (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/24/2012)
A look at the technologies that help law firms serve clients by communicating more efficiently and securely.


Women and Minorities: Willing Partners or Reluctant Allies? (1.75 PR Credits, recorded 05/16/2012)
Explore how women and minorities can collaborate effectively to advance diversity and inclusion goals.


E-Discovery: Pointers & Considerations for Practice (1.0 IL PR Credit [2.75 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 05/09/2012)


Maelstrom (2.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/09/2012)


Member Appreciation: Ethics for Marketing Your Firm Online (0.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/08/2012)


Member Appreciation: Ethical Issues Using Social Media (1.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 05/07/2012)


The Value of Mentoring (1.25 IL PR Credit, recorded 04/23/2012)
Covers how both mentors and mentees can establish rewarding relationships.

Ethics & the Allure of Social Media (1.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 04/16/2012)


Strategies to Reduce Paper in the Office (1.50 PR Credit, recorded 03/20/2012)
Tools and methods you can use to digitize your office, backing up your systems, and more.


Caution! Attorneys on Boards (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 03/20/2012)
Overview of issues particular to attorneys who serve on volunteer boards.


Estate & Succession Planning for Private Business (1.0 IL PR Credit [2.50 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 03/15/2012)


ERISA Basics (0.75 IL PR Credit [2.75 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 03/13/2012)


Ethical Issues in Representing Impaired Clients and Clients with Cognitive Challenges (1.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 02/10/2012)
Practical and professional challenges of this type of representation, including the applicable Rules of Professional Responsibility.


Ethics for Intellectual Property Lawyers (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 02/01/2012)
Addresses the unique ethical questions presented in an IP practice.


Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Law Matters (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 01/25/2012)
Overview of collaborative law and mediation strategies pertaining to family law matters.


Ethics Jeopardy! (1.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 01/10/2012)
Scenarios and answers to questions on attorney ethics and the new disciplinary rules.


Hot Topics in Professional Responsibility (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 12/02/2012)
Panel discussion on various hot topics in professional responsibility.


Developing Effective Presentations & Seminars (1.0 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/30/2011)


Probate Practice Part 2 (0.75 IL PR Credit [2.25 Total MCLE Credit], recorded 11/16/2011)


Ethics for the Corporate Attorney (2.50 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/15/2012)
Focused on ethical issues faced by attorneys practicing corporate law.


Making the Most of Your Legal Career in Family Law (0.75 IL PR Credit, recorded 11/02/2011)