Comment Form for Retention Judges

The Chicago Bar Association

In order to provide the public and our members with accurate information regarding the qualifications of judges running for Retention and judicial candidates we have created this special questionnaire to receive CONFIDENTIAL comments from members. Please submit comments if you have appeared before these judges or know these candidates and have personal knowledge about their qualifications and abilities.


Your comments are very important to us and will be reviewed by Investigators from the JEC's Investigative Division. You may receive a call from a member of the Investigative Committee seeking clarification or additional information. If you have any questions please send an email to Thank you for your help with this important public service.


Comment Form for 2018 Retention Judges

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By clicking Submit, you will be sending your comments to the CBA Judicial Evaluation Committee. Your comments will be kept confidential and you may or may not receive a follow-up call from a member of the JEC's Investigative Division.