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Legal Research

The John Marshall Law School

The John Marshall Library subscribes to several commercial legal databases including LexisNexis, Westlaw, and HeinOnline. The library provides access to LexisNexis Academic and Westlaw Patron Access (WestPac) so that CBA members may access many of the resources available in LexisNexis and Westlaw. WestPac includes federal and state primary law materials and has Keycite functionality for updating legal research. Secondary materials, including forms, are not generally included in the subscription. Access to these databases is limited to the four dedicated CBA/Alumni terminals. Note that only two users may access WestPac at a time. Under the academic subscription contract, access to some databases, including full access to Westlaw and Lexisnexis, is restricted to JMLS Law faculty, students, and staff.


There are four computer terminals dedicated to CBA and JMLS Alumni use. Off-campus database access is not available. Please email with any questions about resource access.


The library is located at 315 S. Plymouth Ct. (next to the CBA). Members need to acquire a photo library card for a $10 fee. The circulation desk can be reached at 312-987-1413. See full details about the Library and its services.