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Member Benefit: CBA Newsstand

The CBA is pleased to announce a new member service, CBA Newsstand by Lexology. The CBA Newsstand is a daily email aimed at providing CBA members with valuable and free practical know-how. This member benefit is designed to enhance the professional knowledge and understanding of CBA members confronting increasingly diverse and complex issues of law.

Through the CBA Newsstand, members have access to a global legal knowledge base that delivers daily essential know-how and market intelligence to their desktop. Members automatically receive the CBA Newsstand with their membership. Your newsfeed is populated with some default settings*, but can be changed and tailored to your preferences or cancelled at any time. Your personal details will remain confidential at all times.


Not receiving the CBA Newsstand? Contact Catherine Sanders Reach at 312-554-2070.



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*Default settings/practice area emails are based upon CBA/YLS committee assignments.  Committee members will receive only one consolidated daily email.  Members with no committee assignments will receive a general practice/ethics email.