New Lawyer Checklist


Newly Admitted Attorney Checklist

Provided by The Chicago Bar Association

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1. Register with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois (ARDC)


  • Find your registration letter from the ARDC, which you will receive shortly after your swearing-in ceremony

  • Go online at, click on Lawyer Registration

  • Use your web access ID which is in the letter from the ARDC to register by the deadline of December 31st

  • Contact the ARDC at, or (312) 565-2600 / (800) 826-8625 with further questions


2. Complete MCLE Newly Admitted Attorney Requirements by Completion Deadline


  • A total of fifteen Illinois approved MCLE credits, which must include:

    • A Basic Skills course totaling six hours. This requirement may be satisfied by completing a mentoring program approved by the Illinois Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism, and

    • At least nine additional hours of Illinois approved General, or Professional Responsibility MCLE credits. Completing the mentoring program counts toward these nine hours only if it was not completed in lieu of the Basic Skills course. Note: Only the six-hour Basic Skills requirement may be satisfied prior to you being sworn into the bar; the remaining nine hours must be completed after you are sworn into the bar.

  • The completion deadline is the last day of the month that you were admitted to the Illinois bar – one year later. (For example, if you were admitted May 5, 2017, your completion deadline is May 31, 2018; if you were admitted November 10, 2017, then your completion deadline is November 30, 2018).


3. Report MCLE by Reporting Deadline

After you have completed the 15 hour of MCLE requirement, you must submit a compliance report to the MCLE Board ( by the "reporting deadline". The reporting deadline is 31 days after the completion deadline. (For example, if your completion deadline is May 31, 2018 then your reporting deadline is July 1, 2018; if your completion deadline is November 30, 2018, your reporting deadline is December 31, 2018).


4. Initial 2 – Year MCLE Reporting Period (starts AFTER completion of the above Newly Admitted Attorney Requirement)

  • Regardless of admission date, a newly-admitted attorney's initial two-year reporting period for complying with MCLE requirements (30 total hours, including at least six hours of Professional Responsibility (PR).  Of those six hours, Illinois attorneys must complete one hour of diversity/inclusion PR CLE and one hour of mental health/substance abuse PR CLE.) begins after the completion deadline for the newly admitted attorney requirement above.

  • Your reporting group is based on your last name on file with the ARDC on your swearing-in date. Once you are admitted, your reporting group does not change even if your name does.

  • To confirm your initial 2-year reporting period, go to the MCLE Board Web site at


5. Free year of CBA Membership and complimentary CLE Advantage Plan (free MCLE)


Activate your free one-year  membership and newly admitted attorney CLE Plan online now. Call 312-554-2133 with questions.

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