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Protection For Customers by the Office of the Attorney General

This is Dial-Law with information on service provided to consumers by the Illinois Attorney General's office. All services are provided free.

Illinois consumers who feel they have been a victim of fraud should visit the Consumer Protection Division at 100 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois 60601. If you do not live near the downtown area you may wish to call the office at (312)814-3000 for the address and phone number of the closet regional office.

If you write the office, you will be asked to fill out a complaint form. Be sure to bring any relevant documents along.

An advocate will then review your complaint and a determination will be made whether thecomplaint falls within the jurisdiction of the office or could be better handled by another agency or should be pursued privately.

Once your complaint has been reviewed and a determination has been made that it does fall within the jurisdiction of the Attorney General, an advocate will contact the individual or business complained about and ask that they review your complaint and respond to our office. Upon receipt of their response, a copy will be forwarded to you for review and reply. If the matter is still unresolved a determination will be made whether further action by our office warranted.

Annually the Attorney General's office receives over 100,000 inquiries and over 30,000 complaints. This office saves Illinois consumers millions of dollars annually.

In addition to the Consumer Protection Division the Attorney General receives complaints about anti-trust violations, crime victims, compensation, pollution and misconduct by state officials.