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Protection for Consumers by the Office of the State's Attorney of Cook County

This is Dial-Law with information on protection for the consumer by the Cook County State's Attorney. State's Attorneys of other counties provide similar protection and services. These services are free. If you do not live in Cook County, you should contact the Office of the State's Attorney or a local bar association in the county in which you reside or were defrauded.

If you believe that you have been defrauded, you may seek help from the Consumer Division of the Office of the State's Attorney of Cook County. You may go in person to his office, or write to him. The address is :

Richard Devine
Cook County State's Attorney
28 N. Clark Street., Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60602

If you go in person to the Office of the State's Attorney, you should bring with you all documents and writings concerning your case. If you write, your letter should explain all of the facts and you should enclose copies of all pertinent documents and writings. Do not send the originals.

Dishonest auto sales, phony real estate deals and home improvement schemes, con games, and unscrupulous business practices are only a few of the matters within the jurisdiction of the Consumer Fraud Division of the State's Attorney Office. The Office of the State's Attorney may be able to help you in such cases and will investigate the matter. A formal hearing may be held which can institute court action.