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Unemployment Insurance

This is Dial-Law with information on Illinois Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

The Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act provides for the payment of benefits to eligible unemployed workers. The benefits are designed to enable an unemployed worker to pay for living expenses while he or she is looking for a new job.

To be eligible for benefits, you must be unemployed and must be available for work, able to work, and actively seeking work. In addition, you must not be disqualified from eligibility for benefits under any of the provisions of the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act. You may be disqualified for benefits if you were discharged for misconduct, theft or a felony connected with work; quit work voluntarily without good cause; refused an offer of a suitable job; or are unemployed because of a labor dispute.

The weekly benefit amount is usually 49.5 percent of the unemployed worker's average weekly wage or of the statewide average weekly wage, whichever is less. As of January, 1994, the minimum weekly benefit amount for a single person was $51 and maximum weekly benefit amount was $235.

You may also be entitled to receive, in addition to the weekly benefit amount, an allowance for a non-working spouse or a dependent child or children. The weekly benefit amount plus any allowance for a dependent make up the total amount of benefits payable per week.

If you believe that you are eligible for benefits, you should file a claim with the Illinois Department of Employment Security. A claim should be filed as early as possible after the termination of your employment.

To obtain additional information about unemployment benefits or about how to file a claim, contact any Illinois Department of Employment Security office. Local Department of Employment Security offices are listed in the telephone directory under the State of Illinois.