Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Service at Association Headquarters - Discounted Pricing for Members

-Save on Travel Expenses for Your Depositions-


The CBA is proud to offer video conferencing services at Association Headquarters. The service is available Monday - Friday in our 5th floor meeting rooms. If you are interested in reserving a time or would like more information, please contact Michele Spodarek, Conference Center Manager, at or (312) 554-2124.


Pavalon & 
Gifford Room
Pavalon & Gifford Room - 5th Floor


Albert F. Hofeld 
Albert F. Hofeld Room - 5th Floor


Equipment Requirements: The CBA uses an IP-based Polycom System (as opposed to an ISDN-based Polycom System). The other party will also need access to an IP-based Polycom system.


Cost: $125 per hour for CBA members/$150 per hour for nonmembers. Price includes room rental, equipment setup, and troubleshooting at the CBA. Catering services are available for an additional fee.