Young Lawyers Section


The Young Lawyers Section (YLS) offers great opportunities for professional growth, community service, and networking to its over 9,000 members. This year, the YLS will offer approximately 28 substantive committees, implement over 50 member and public service projects, and host numerous seminars and networking events.

Whether you are a law student or young attorney, the YLS is a valuable resource for your personal and professional development. Consider attending a committee meeting or seminar, a social or volunteer with a member or public service project in order to enhance your career. Get involved and lead through service while improving your legal career and professional network!

This year, the YLS is focused on the theme Protecting Our Children and has taken on special initiatives to raise awareness about human trafficking and child protection. Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved.

If you have questions about the YLS, please contact Jennifer Byrne, YLS Director at (312) 554-2031, or contact me directly.


Katie Liss
2016-2017 YLS Chair