New Member FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions by new members about CBA services and benefits:


How Many Seminars are Offered on a Monthly Basis and How Do I Register?
View a list of CLE seminars and online registration. The CBA typically offers 10 seminars a month (Sept-June). Seminar formats include live programs, DVD rentals and archived webcasts. You may attend individual seminars or purchase the CLEAdvantage Plan for $150 a plan year to attend unlimited seminars (some restrictions apply). Learn more about the CLEAdvantage plan now or call the CBA Ticketing at 312-554-2056.


Where Can I Get More Information About MCLE Requirements?
Go to or call 312-924-2420. Attorneys in practice for less than one year only need to take a 15-hour Basic Skills Course. The CBA offers this course in-person each Fall or can be taken at anytime online at or West


What Career Services Does the CBA Offer?
Visit the CBA's online Career Center.


How Do I Get Involved with the Young Lawyers Section?
If you have been practicing for less than 10 years, you are automatically enrolled as a member of the CBA Young Lawyers Section. Visit the YLS Section to explore upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, young lawyer resources and more.


How Do I Get Involved in Committees?
In addition to earning free Illinois MCLE credit for attending noon hour committee meetings, being involved in committees provides great networking and leadership opportunities. Visit the Committees Section to join committees, view upcoming topics and speakers, access listservs and more. There are no extra fees to join committees. Contact Awilda Reyes at 312-554-2134 with questions.


Did we miss something? Email Karen Stanton or call 312-554-2131.