Legal Bookstore

The Chicago Bar Association Legal Bookstore offers over 1,000 legal publications from the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, West Publishing and more. Additionally, the CBA Legal Bookstore also offers DVD rentals of CBA Continuing Legal Education Seminars.
The bookstore is located in the lobby of the CBA Building and is open Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.
Phone: (312) 554-2130 • Fax: (312) 554-2054
DVDs are available for rental only and cannot be purchased. DVDs can be rented in person at the CBA Bookstore or by faxing an order to (312) 554-2054. Online orders for DVDs are not accepted at this time.

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CBA CLE DVD Rental Procedures

CBA CLE DVDs now qualify for MCLE credit in Illinois. The amount of IL MCLE credit is indicated on each individual DVD course description. CBA CLE DVDs can be rented for a 72-hour period from the CBA Bookstore.

To facilitate your rental, please complete the DVD Rental Form and return it to the CBA Bookstore in person, via fax (312-554-2054) or mail (321 S Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL 60604). If your selection is out of stock, you will be notified.

To receive the DVD please:

  1. Visit the CBA Bookstore with your completed form; or

  2. Request U.S. Mail delivery on the DVD Rental Form. A $7.95 shipping and handling fee per dvd applies to all mail orders.

Attorneys are limited to renting 2 DVDs at a time. CBA CLE Advantage members are able to rent most DVDs for free. If returning the DVD's in person, bring your CBA member card with you and the MCLE certificate will be issued immediately. If returning by mail, the MCLE certificate will be emailed to you.

Having trouble viewing a DVD? Please read our DVD Viewing Instructions.