Past Programs


With the influential role of television in our society and its potential as a powerful educational tool, the mission of CBA TV is to create accessible programming of various types and formats to communicate directly with the general public about specific areas of law, the role of lawyers in society (both in and outside the courtroom) and important law-related issues.

  • Committee & CLE Webcasts
    Exclusive, members only content, streamed live daily from the CBA webcast center and available "on-demand" to fit into your busy schedule. To see a full listing of our committee & continuing legal education webcasts, visit our CBA Webcast Center!
  • You and the Law
    "You and the Law" is a topical, panel-format talk show, emphasizing the public service aspects of the law. The show explains legal issues, discusses the impact of public policy changes and court decisions, and stresses the role of lawyers and judges in making and influencing those decisions. The show, previously broadcast on CAN-TV, is now available on You Tube for convenient "on-demand" viewing.
  • Justice and Law Weekly
    "Justice and Law Weekly" is a provocative interview show putting the spotlight on the people who make the news. Interviewers ask the questions of everyone from Governors, to Chief Justices, to newsmen, to lawmakers, to American icons.
  • Awards Ceremonies and Production Services
    CBA TV provides media services for all major award ceremonies both at the Chicago Bar Association building and at other locations. Our You Tube channel also broadcasts public service announcements and videos produced for other governmental, legal and civic organizations.

There is no live event scheduled in the near future.