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Getting Started

As a CBA member benefit, the MCLE Credit Tracker automatically compiles credits earned at accredited seminars and committee meetings produced by the CBA and the CBA Young Lawyers Section.

Credits earned at CBA committee meetings and seminars are automatically entered into the MCLE Credit Tracker. Credits for attendance at CBA committee meetings are generally posted within two weeks of the meeting. Credits for attendance at seminars are posted by the 15th day of the following month (For example: credits earned at a March 3rd seminar will be posted by April 15th). For information on MCLE requirements and rules, please visit the MCLE board website. If you need additional assistance regarding your CBA MCLE credits, please email


CBA Certificates - Print certificates for CBA seminars and committee meetings.

Credit Summary and Reports - View all credits currently stored in the system for your account.

Non-CBA MCLE - Input credits earned at non-CBA sponsored programs.