Bar None: 125 Years of Women Lawyers in Illinois

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The Traveling Exhibit

The Chicago Bar Association Alliance for Women created a traveling exhibit from the original Bar None exhibition. It depicts the history of Illinois' women lawyers and contains reproductions of many of the items from the original exhibit. Contact the Illinois Association of Museums (217) 524-7080 for more information.

Order the Book

The Chicago Bar Association Alliance for Women published the book, Bar None: 125 Years of Women Lawyers in Illinois, to supplement the original exhibit. It contains thirty-six biographical sketches of the first generation of women lawyers from Illinois, together with photographs and articles describing the historical context in which these women lived. The book may be purchased for $15 plus tax, from the CBA Bookstore. Click here for more information.

Stanford Law School History of Women Lawyers

In an effort to extend the historiography of women as lawyers in the United States, the Stanford Law School has created the Women's Legal History Biography Project from the teachings of Professor Barbara Babcock. Included in their web site is information on some of the women lawyers from Bar None.

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