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Human Rights Committee
Date: 04/19/2017
Location: The Chicago Bar Association, 321 South Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL 60604
Presented by: Human Rights
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TOPIC: Many non-citizens are being subjected to mandatory Immigration custody for minor non-violent crimes committed years ago. Given the current administration's plan to target for arrest and deportation non-citizens convicted of crimes, it has become increasingly important to look for ways to vacate unjust convictions of non-citizens. In Illinois, it is extremely difficult and in too many cases impossible to do so, because of a 2010 decision of the IL. Supreme Court, Peo v. Carrera. It is easier for a non-citizen to get an unjust conviction vacated in Wisconsin and Indiana, than it is in Illinois. Because of the harsh result, and bar it has caused to vacating unjust convictions, the Human Rights Committee of the CBA has called for a legislative repeal of Carrera. Royal F. Berg will lead a discussion of Carrera, and related cases, and the continuing effort to enact legislation to correct the injustice it has caused.

SPEAKER: Royal F. Berg