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YLS Women in the Law
Date: 06/05/2013
Location: Hinshaw & Culbertson, 222 N. LaSalle St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL
Presented by: YLS Women in the Law

Being an attorney AND a mother is no small feat. How does a working mom manage multimillion dollar deals and soccer practice? In this month's Women in the Law committee meeting, we will bring together several leading women lawyers and mothers to brainstorm with us about ways law firms can help support working moms continue to stay engaged in the profession and to ensure that in the next decade and beyond, the law has more women in partnership and management positions than it does now.

This program is for all women lawyers who have children or are considering having children. The program will be broken into three parts:
- Introduction and Q&A with our working mom legal professional leaders;
- Breakout session in small groups brainstorming ways law firms can further support working moms in the profession;
- Share possible solutions law firms can consider to keep working moms engaged and moving up in their career.

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