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CBA Television Productions Inc., ("CBA-TV") a not-for-profit affiliate of the CBA, was created as a unique way for lawyers to share their legal knowledge and expertise with the public through the popular and powerful medium of television. Operating in conjunction with the CBA Television Committee, CBA-TV trains and coordinates volunteer lawyers and judges in the preparation of television programming.


You and the Law

"You and the Law" is a topical, panel-format talk show--emphasizing the public service aspects of the law. The show explains legal issues, discuss the impact of public policy changes and court decisions, and stress the role of lawyers and judges in making and influencing those decisions. The show is cablecast to more than 500,000 households throughout the Chicago area on cable channel 19, in three twelve-week seasons per year, and to many suburbs.


Other Programming

CBA-TV has also produced over 200 programs utilizing the facilities and equipment offered by the Chicago Access Corporation. A volunteer staff of over twenty practicing attorneys generates ideas, creates show outlines, hosts, and operates all equipment -- which means that You and the Law is the only show in the country with lawyers on both sides of the cameras! You and the Law is an exciting opportunity for the CBA to speak directly to viewers throughout Chicagoland about the law, the role of judges and lawyers, and important law-related issues.