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Increase your expertise and expand your professional contacts through participation in CBA and YLS committees. Over 130 committees meet on a monthly basis from September through June during the noon hour at CBA headquarters. Meet judges and lawyers who share your interests and concerns, hear a wide variety of expert speakers, help improve the law and administrative procedures which govern your practice area and receive important monthly mailings including legislative proposals, speakers' comments and networking directories. No extra section fees to join!


  • Free Illinois MCLE Credit - CBA members receive free Illinois MCLE credit for attendance at committee meetings that feature the discussion of a substantive legal topic. With over 120 substantive and special interest committees in almost every area of the law and no extra charge to join any committee or section, committee meeting attendance is an easy way to meet MCLE requirements at no cost!

  • Most committees have their own home page on our website.

  • Convenient luncheon service is available through our serveries for only $9.50.

  • All members may serve on 4 practice committees and an unlimited number of service committees. Those interested in serving on special committees need to submit letters of interest stating their background.


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