Winning By Design: the Masterful Way To WIN in Court

When you become a master storyteller in court, your win ratio soars. How do you become a master storyteller?  You tap the wisdom gleaned from decades of social science research and employ the dramatic storytelling techniques perfected by Hollywood and television news.  

Award-winning screenwriter and former 60 Minutes producer, Trial Consultant Karyn J. Taylor, explains the hidden mechanics of persuasive storytelling and reveals the tools with which you can deliver concise, emotionally compelling case presentations that minimize the unpredictability of the verdict and maximize the odds you’ll win.

Topics covered:
Why trial lawyers really lose jury trials (it’s not why you think!)
How the jury pool has changed (and what you must do in response)
What law school never taught you (that you need to know to win)
How traditional trial presentation techniques create cognitive disconnects that impede the jury’s ability to do its job
Five storytelling techniques Hollywood screenwriters and television news producers use to rivet audience attention, engender empathy for characters, and make viewers care who wins in the end
How you can use these same techniques to deliver powerful trial or ADR presentations that boost your win ratio and supercharge your career

Karyn J. Taylor, Trial Consultant, The Strategic Image, and veteran Producer/Director/Writer for 60 Minutes, 20/20, Frontline, and More

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Non-member: $60

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9/20/2019 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
The Chicago Bar Association 321 S Plymouth Court Chicago, IL 60604 UNITED STATES
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