Mindfulness Workshop

Studies show that mindfulness can help people be healthier, happier, more positive, and more productive.  Whether you are a long-time mindfulness practitioner or simply want to learn about all the buzz is about, the Chicago Bar Association’s Mindfulness and Wellness Committees invite you to join us for a mindfulness workshop that will feature prominent mindfulness in the law scholars, attorneys from various segments of the profession discussing how mindfulness helps their practice, and a series of break-out sessions where attendees will have the opportunity to learn about several forms of practicing mindfulness from mindfulness experts and instructors.

Part 1: Plenary Session
An Introduction to Mindfulness for Lawyers: This talk will cover what mindfulness means, its relevance for practicing lawyers and judges, and some of the science behind why it can be helpful in managing stress, enhancing well-being, and increasing focus.  It will also present the findings of the first published empirical study of mindfulness effects for law students.
Professor Richard C. Reuben, President, Mindfulness in Law Society; James Lewis Parks Professor of Law, Missouri School of Law

Panel Discussion:
How does mindfulness help attorneys navigate their careers and support their practice?  Lawyers from across the profession will share how mindfulness helps them be their best and manage the stress and anxiety inherent to the practice of law.  
Professor Teresa Frisbie
, Director, Dispute Resolution Program, School of Law, Loyola University Chicago
Erica Gholson, Associate Director of Professional Development, McDermott Will & Emory
Hon. Kay Hanlon (ret.), Circuit Court of Cook County; Mediator, ADR Systems
Sharon Neal, Environmental, Health and Safety Counsel, Exelon Corporation
Jonathan Beitner, Certified Attorney Coach and Well-Being Advocate

Part 2: Mindfulness and Wellness Stations
After you’ve heard from our plenary speaker and panelists, it is time for you to get into the action!  Attendees will choose from our six breakout stations to rotate through during the second half of the workshop.  Choose between the stations listed below to learn about various ways to practice mindfulness from our lineup of outstanding station leads.  Each station lead will provide an overview of the skill, its benefits, and guide participants through a short practice.  Attendees will have the opportunity to attend three of the six stations.  

  1. Mindful Breathing -  The fundamental practice supporting awareness in life is attention to the breath. Learn some basic breathing practices to strengthen your mindfulness pursuits. Discover the benefits of meditation, how and why it works, and the basic tenets of the practice. Hear a short lesson on mindful meditation as well as experience the benefit of a brief guided meditation practice. Darrell Jones, CH/LL Lead Instructor + Head of Teacher Training
  2. Mindful Movement/Stretching - At this station, attendees will learn an easy-to-remember series of movements and stretches that can be done efficiently, privately and without significant exertion, at home or in an individual’s office.  Jeffrey Bunn, The Mindful Law Guy
  3. Present Awareness - Open awareness meditation focuses  the attention on awareness itself, using as point of concentration anything and everything that is currently happening in our awareness, and noticing without judgement or story.  This type of meditation can be done any time and anywhere, and helps us to experience life without the filter or lens of judgement. This helps us to widen our perspective and experience all of life, as well as freeing up attention and energy to then change what we want to or are able to, accepting the rest with less judgment. Judy Craven, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach & Instructor
  4. Loving Compassion Meditation - Designed to cultivate emotional intelligence by accessing the area in our brains responsible for pro-social behaviors--compassion, joy, kindness--we will explore 2 brief exercises, leaning into both meditation and journaling.  Ashley Nelson, Mindfulness-based Leadership Trainer & Founder, Inseus 
  5. Mindful Eating - An introduction to the concept of mindful eating, it’s benefits and how to practice it in everyday life. The session will conclude with a mindful eating exercise that taps all of the senses using a bite of dark chocolate. Barbie Boules, RDN, LDN, CHC
  6. Body Scan - The body scan practice focuses attention on the physical sensations of the body.  It is completed by scanning one's awareness over every part of the body and cultivates the ability to notice what we are experiencing in our bodies.  At this station you will learn a more about this practice and take part in a short, guided body scan meditation.  Whitney Sommerfeldt, Health & Wellness Coach

Program cost:
CBA Member: Complimentary
Non-member: $150.00

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5/17/2019 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
The Chicago Bar Assocation 321 S Plymouth Ct Chicago, IL 60604 UNITED STATES
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