About CBA & YLS Committees

No other legal association puts you in touch with so many attorneys and judges who live and practice in the Chicago area. Whether you are looking for a new position, a new client or expert advice in a specific legal area, you'll find it through the CBA and Young Lawyers Section committee network. Committee participation is also a great way to gain leadership experience and hands on project involvement to enhance your resume. Join one of 130 legal specific committees today - no extra fee required. A full list of  committees is below.

Things to know:
  • Committee meeting participation is free to CBA members and law student members - no extra section fees! CBA Committees meet monthly and YLS Committees meet bi-monthly at 12:15 p.m. either in-person at the CBA Building, virtually or a hybrid.
  • Committee meetings that discuss a substantive legal topic award free IL MCLE or PR-MCLE credit to attending members.
  • Webcast meetings are archived for later on-demand viewing (please note, archived Webcasts do not award IL MCLE credit).
  • Those interested in serving on special committees should submit a letter of interest stating their background c/o Awilda Reyes.
  • Members may attend any committee meeting (you do not need to be a member of the committee).

CBA Practice Committees
*Meeting Date is indicated in parentheses
Adoption Law (2nd Tuesday)
Alternative Dispute Resolution (1st Thursday/EOM)
Animal Law (3rd Thursday/EOM)
Anti-Human Trafficking (As Called)
Antitrust Law (4th Wednesday/EOM)
Aviation Law (1st Wednesday)
Bankruptcy & Reorganization (3rd Wednesday/EOM)
Business Divorce and Complex Ownership (2nd Tuesday)
Business Transactions (1st Thursday/EOM)
Child/Juvenile Law (1st Monday/EOM)
Civil Practice (2nd Tuesday)
Class Action (4th Thursday)
Commercial Finance & Transactions (3rd Wednesday/EOM)
Commercial Litigation (4th Wednesday/EOM)
Commercial Property Law (2nd Wednesday/EOM/Subcommittee Assignments Vary)
Consumer Credit (1st Thursday/EOM)
Consumer Law (1st Thursday/EOM)
Criminal Law (2nd Wednesday)
Cyber Law & Data Privacy (3rd Tuesday/EOM)
Domestic Relations (1st Wednesday/EOM/Subcommittee Assignments Vary)
Elder & Disability Law (4th Monday/EOM)
Election Law (2nd Friday)
Employee Benefits (3rd Friday/EOM)
Energy, Telecommunications & Water  (2nd Thursday)
Environmental Law (1st Tuesday/EOM)
Federal Civil Practice (1st Tuesday/EOM)
Federal Taxation (4th Tuesday/EOM/Division Assignments Vary)
Financial and Emerging Tech (As Called)
Financial Institutions (2nd Wednesday)
Food Law (3rd Monday/EOM)
Futures & Derivatives Law (3rd Wednesday)
Gaming Law (2nd Friday, Quarterly)
Health Law (3rd Tuesday/EOM)
Immigration & Nationality Law (3rd Thursday/EOM)
Insurance Law (1st Wednesday)
Intellectual Property Law (4th Tuesday/EOM)
International & Foreign Law (2nd Tuesday)
Labor & Employment Law (2nd Wednesday/EOM)
LGBTQA+ Committee (4th Wednesday)
Local Government (1st Wednesday)
Media & Entertainment (4th Thursday/EOM)
Mental Health & Disability Law (1st Tuesday)
Modern Law Practice (As Called)
Municipal and Law (1st Wed./8:00 a.m. and 3rd Thursday/12:00 p.m.)
Probate Practice (3rd Tuesday)
Real Estate Taxation (1st Thursday)
Residential Property Law (2nd Wednesday/EOM/Subcommittee Assignments Vary)
Regulatory & Compliance (4th Thursday/EOM)
Securities Law (3rd Thursday/EOM)
Social Security Law (3rd Thursday)
Sports Law (3rd Thursday/EOM)
State & Local Tax  (3rd Wednesday, Quarterly)
Tort Litigation (2nd Wednesday)
Trade & Professional Associations Law (2nd Tuesday)
Traffic Laws (1st Thursday/EOM)
Trial Practice (3rd Tuesday/EOM) 
Trust Law (2nd Monday)
Workers’ Compensation (1st Thursday/EOM)

CBA Service Committees
Alliance for Women (4th Tuesday)
Continuing Legal Education (As Called)
Creative Writing (As Called)
Human Rights (2nd Friday/EOM)
Law & Literature (3rd Wednesday)
Law Practice Management & Technology (3rd Thursday)
Lawyer Referral Service (1st Monday/EOM)
Legal Aid (2nd Thursday)
Media Production (4th Wednesday)
Professional Fees (2nd & 4th Thursday)
Professional Responsibility (3rd Thursday/EOM)
Solo/Small Firm Practitioners (1st Tuesday)
Unauthorized Practice and Multidisciplinary Practice (2nd Monday/EOM)
Well-Being & Mindfulness (4th Thursday)

CBA Special Committees (by appointment only)
CBA Chorus (Wednesday Evenings)
CBA Record Editorial Board (1st Tuesday)
Committee on Racial & Ethnic Diversity (As Called) 
Entertainment/The Bar Show (As Called)
Finance (As Called)
In-Court Lawyer Referral (As Called/4:00 p.m.)
Interfaith Law (As Called)
Judicial Evaluation (As Called)
Judicial Evaluation Appellate Review (As Called)
Legislative (2nd & 4th Monday)
Membership (As Called)
Past Presidents (As Called)
Public Affairs (4th Tuesday)
Symphony Orchestra (Wednesday Evenings)
Task Force on Issues Affecting Women & Aging (As Called)

Young Lawyers Section Committees
Serving members in practice less than 10 years. YLS Committees meet every other month starting in October.
Bankruptcy (2nd Monday)
Business Law - Litigation (4th Wednesday) 
Business Law - Transactions (4th Monday)
CBA Moot Court Competition (As Called)
Career Assistance (1st Wednesday)
Civil Rights (2nd Friday)
Creative Arts (4th Monday)
Criminal Law (2nd Friday)
Education Law (3rd Friday)
Environmental Law (1st Tuesday)
Estate Planning (1st Monday)
Family Law (1st Wednesday)
Federal Tax (4th Tuesday)
Health & Hospital Law (3rd Tuesday)
In-House Counsel (1st Friday)
Intellectual Property Law (4th Tuesday)
Labor & Employment Law (2nd Wednesday)
Law & Debate Club (1st & 3rd Wednesday/5:30 p.m.)
Law Student (As Called)
Professional Responsibility (3rd Thursday)
Public Service/Wills for Heroes (As Called)
Public Service/Serving Our Seniors (As Called)
Real Estate Law (3rd Monday)
Social (As Called)
Tort Litigation (4th Thursday)
Women in the Law (2nd Tuesday)
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For Questions on Committees:
CBA Practice, Service and Special Committees, contact Awilda Reyes at 312-554-2134.
Young Lawyers Section Committees, contact Lindsay Wunrow at 312-554-2070.