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9/21/2018 - Practice Basics: Qualities of a Professional Lawyer (1 IL PR-MCLE Credit, approved)

9/21/2018 - Practice Basics: Qualities of a Professional Lawyer (1 IL PR-MCLE Credit, approved)

9/12/2018 - Eight O'Clock Call: Civil Jury Trials (0.75 IL MCLE Credit)

9/5/2018 - YLS Wills for Heroes Training (1 PR-MCLE credit, approved)

6/1/2018 - Practice Basics: Handling Claims of Sexual Harassment (0.75 IL MCLE Credit)

5/11/2018 - Brave New World: Technologies Lawyers Need To Know (1 IL PR-MCLE Credit, approved)

5/10/2018 - Ethical Concerns of Conducting Research Via the Open Web (1 IL PR-MCLE Credit, approved)

5/10/2018 - Lessons From Illinois Intrastate Crowdfunding (0.75 IL MCLE Credit)

5/9/2018 - 7 Tips for Writing Better Court Submissions (0.75 IL MCLE Credit)

5/8/2018 - Real Talk: Diverse Voices in the Legal Profession (1 IL Diversity and Inclusion PR-MCLE Credit, approved)

3/27/2018 - How To Respond To An ARDC Inquiry/Complaint Letter (2 IL PR-MCLE Credits, approved)

2/9/2018 - Take the Anxiety Out of Networking (Webcast Only) (1 IL Mental Health PR-MCLE Credit, approved)

2/7/2018 - Communicating Across Differences (0.75 IL PR-MCLE Diversity/Inclusion Credit, approved)

1/25/2018 - Well, Well Alleviating Stress for More Success (Web Only) (1 IL Mental Health and Substance Abuse PR-MCLE Credit, approved)

1/9/2018 - Efforts of The Federal Judicial Systems in Trafficking Cases (0.75 IL MCLE Credit)

12/4/2017 - Practice Basics: Foundation for Crucial Pieces of Evidence (0.75 IL PR-MCLE Credit, approved)

11/29/2017 - For New Attorneys Only- New Lawyers Basic Skills (6.5 IL PR-MCLE Credit (approved))

11/1/2017 - How Pro Bono Contributes To a Successful Career (0.75 IL PR-MCLE Credit (approved))

11/1/2017 - Representation of Individuals With Mental Health Conditions (1.75 IL PR-MCLE Credits (approved))

6/20/2017 - Don't Get Lost in the Cloud-Blueprint for Ethics & Inclusion (2.75 IL PR Credits (approved))

6/5/2017 - Update on Temporary Visitor Driver's License and REAL ID (1.75 IL MCLE Credits)

5/12/2017 - The Mind-Body Connection: Reducing Stress (1 IL PR-MCLE Credit (approved))

5/11/2017 - Strategies for a Successful Mediation Exp. (Trial Practice) (1 IL PR-MCLE Credit (approved))

5/10/2017 - The Benefits of Technology: Mitigating Risk (0.75 IL PR-MCLE Credit (approved))

4/24/2017 - Unbundled Services To Expand Your Practice (2.25 IL PR-MCLE Credits (approved))

3/10/2017 - Practice Basics: Drafting a Power a Attorney (1 IL PR-MCLE Credit (approved))

1/27/2017 - A Spotlight on Child Trafficking in Chicago (0.75 IL MCLE Credit)

1/23/2017 - Every Person Has a Voice (2.75 IL MCLE Credits)

1/19/2017 - Crash Course in Networking (1 PR-MCLE Credit (approved))

1/19/2017 - Mindfulness for Lawyers....Really (0.5 IL PR-MCLE Credits (approved))

1/19/2017 - Personal Branding for Law Firm Survival (1 IL PR Credit (approved))

1/19/2017 - Thriving Within Your Firm:Productivity & Billable Hours Tips (0.75 IL PR Credit (approved))