The 97th Annual Bar Show 

Change of Venue: The Bar Show 
Welcome to The Bar Show!
Welcome to the 2020 version of the Chicago Bar Association’s musical comedy revue, “CHANGE OF VENUE: The Bar Show Home Edition”! You will not be surprised to learn that we are going virtual this year. But our creative spirit remains as strong as ever, and we will continue our 96-year-old tradition of trying to make sense, or nonsense, of the year’s events. This year, we’ll be checking in via a series of videos that we’ll conveniently set out below. So please silence your cell phones, pets and any annoying children in the vicinity, and for God’s sakes put on a pair of pants before you start watching. All set? Then press “play”, and enjoy!
The Bar Show Theme Song: 
We're Still Here for You!

How To Concede - Chicago Style

12 Days of Quarantine

Rudy The Half-Baked Lawyer

Doctor Doctor!

The Q Factor

Don't Rain on My Parade

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off!