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@CBAattheBar Podcast
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The Criminal Courts Adapt to COVID-19 Edition: How the Pandemic is Impacting the Rights of the Accused - April 24, 2020

Public Defender of Cook County, Amy Campanelli, talks about the constitutional issues and the impact on the rights of the accused as criminal courts adapt to the logistical challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Overcoming Loneliness Edition - April 8, 2020 
In the first of a series of COVID-19 related podcasts, hosts Jonathan Amarilio and Jennifer Byrne speak with J.W. Freiberg, social psychologist, lawyer, and author of the forthcoming book, “Surrounded by Others and Yet So Alone: A Lawyer’s Case Stories of Love, Loneliness, and Litigation,” about the chronic loneliness problem in our society and how we can overcome it.

@theBar Blog 
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Articles specifically related to COVID-19: 
Includes the blog series "Lawyering in the Time of Coronavirus" and topics such as “Privacy in the Time of Pandemics," “Lessons in Contracts Taught by COVID-19” and more. 

Young Lawyers Section Vlog on Lawyering in the Time of Coronavirus
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Topics of conversation including everything from to practicing remotely to connecting with clients in uncertain times to health and wellness.

Remote Pro Bono Opportunities
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Wills for Heroes:  COVID-19 Essential Healthcare Workers
In response to the coronavirus pandemic, The CBA's Wills for Heroes Program now offers FREE estate planning assistance to COVID-19 essential healthcare workers who are bravely putting their own safety at risk to serve the public during the health crisis. The Program consists of virtual clinics offered in partnership between the CBA and participating law firms or corporate law departments. Click here for more information.

COVID-19 Facebook Group 
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Courses qualifying for Illinois PR-MCLE:
Thriving in Challenging Times (2.75 PR-MCLE, subject to approval)
How To...Maintain Wellness While Working From Home (0.5 PR MCLE, Mental Health and Substance Abuse)
Implications of COVID-19 on Practicing Law Beyond Today (1 PR MCLE)
Legal Tech & Artificial Intelligence Surrounding COVID-19 (0.75 PR MCLE)  
Cybersecurity Practices Working in the Shadow of COVID-19 (0.5 PR-MCLE)          
Keeping It Together Working From Home (0.75 PR-MCLE, 0.25 PR-MCLE, Mental Health and Substance Abuse)           
Bridging the Gap: Serving Your Tech Averse Clients (1 PR MCLE)  
Real Solutions for Lawyer Wellness (1 PR MCLE)
COVID-19: Technology Ideas To Spur Productivity (1 PR MCLE)              
Troubleshooting Virtual Meeting Software (0.5 PR MCLE)           

Courses Qualifying for General Illinois MCLE
Interviewing During and Beyond the Pandemic (1 MCLE)

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Insurance (1.5 MCLE)
Judges Roundtable: A Virtual Discussion on How the Courts Are Responding, Adapting and Will Resume After COVID-19 (1.5 MCLE) 
Employer Compliance and COVID-19 (0.75 MCLE) 
The State of Family Law During the COVID-19 Pandemic (1 MCLE)
The COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on Real Estate Transactions (1.5 MCLE)
The COVID-19 Pandemic and Business Interruption (1 MCLE)                          
Job Searching in the Time of Coronavirus (0.75 MCLE)
Force Majeure Clauses COVID-19: What Are the Legal Issues? (0.75 MCLE) 

Running a Remote Law Office
Click here for tips and tools from the CBA Law Practice Management and Technology Division for running your law office remotely.

Returning to the Office
Since back to work guidelines vary from state to state and often county to county, there is no one-size-fits-all approach beyond the general guidelines offered by the CDC and OSHA. However, these articles below provide some guidance no matter your situation:
Don't go it alone. Check out these templates from EHS Today for designing your plan. If you already have a plan, you can compare and see what you may be missing. 
Harvard Business Review offers these five tips for safely reopening your office and reassuring your staff.
If you have at-risk workers, you will want to take a look at the EEOC guidelines and general guidance from the Society for Human Resources Management.
COVID-19 Updates and Cancellations
Click here for information and cancellations in the Courts and the Chicago Legal Community received by the CBA.

Small Business Assistance from the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is providing small businesses with important resources for loans, grants and other forms of support available in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  A collection of important resources at the city, state and federal level is available at  The Chamber is also offering CBA members complimentary assistance if they have questions or need help applying for the Paycheck Protection Program, which is available to help  small businesses keep workers on the payroll.  Contact Small Business Director Stacey Pitts Caldwell for assistance at 312-494-6790.

Health, Wellness & Fun
Young Lawyers Section Virtual Game Nights
Free event! Connect with fellow YLS members on April 16 at 6:00 p.m. for an online game night using Jackbox Party Pack, including popular games such as Fibbage and Quiplash. All that’s needed to play is a cell phone or computer. Quick wits are highly encouraged to join! Players will receive their group assignments and instructions via email prior to April 16. You do not need to purchase the Jackbox Party Pack software to participate. Click here to RSVP.

Join the CBA Quarantine Run Club!
Now is as good a time as ever to pick up an outdoor hobby that you can do in complete isolation! Get out of your home, lace up, and track your runs, jogs, powerwalks, brisk trots, crab walks, or slow moseys around the empty streets alongside your friends and colleagues at the CBA. It's free to join, and the best part is there's no competition, because even putting on shoes once a day is a win at this point. Join by clicking on this link and follow the prompt to join either via Facebook or Google:

Resources from CBA Member Benefit Providers
Lexis Nexis
Get up to 40% off a new Lexis Advance® subscription (1-10 attorney firms only) at
Free COVID-19 Resources from LexisNexis:
LexisNexis is offering free access to verified and consolidated news information on Covid-19 via and practical guidance via the LexisNexis Practice Advisor Coronavirus Resource Kit at

MyCase - Law Practice Management Solution
Chicago Bar Members get a 10% lifetime discount! Start your free trial today.
Free COVID-19 Resources from My Case:
- An Attorney's Guide to Setting Up a Remote Law Firm
- Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning for Law Firms
- Securely Collaborate and Communicate Remotely: A How-To for Lawyers
- Economic Resilience for Law Firms: How To Thrive During Challenging Times
- Free Webinar: How to run your law firm remotely during COVID-19