The CBA Media Production Committee's "You and the Law" series, which is available for viewing on the CBA's YouTube Channel and Chicago Cable TV, provides an opportunity for attorneys and judges to share their legal knowledge and experiences with the public. Find a full selection of videos on our YouTube page at

Featured Video:

Introducing Innovation at the Chicago Inventors Organization
CBA TV's latest video focuses on the Chicago Inventors Organization, a 501(c)(3) entity that provides underserved and underrepresented inventors the resources they need to become entrepreneurs and to fully develop their inventions. Some of the services the organization provides are discussed. In addition, the program will also feature strategies on how the Chicago Inventors Organization clients can obtain intellectual property protection for their inventions through the Chicago-Kent Patent Hub. Watch now on the CBA's YouTube channel.

Animal Care & Control

CBA TV's latest video provides a general overview of the City of Chicago’s Department of Animal Care and Control and its mission to promote public safety while ensuring the humane care of animals through sheltering, pet placement, education, animal law enforcement and partnerships with community organizations. Watch now on the CBA's YouTube channel.

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