YLS Executive Council Announcements

Members of the YLS Executive Council can regularly check this page for Section announcements. Click here for a listing of the Section's upcoming events!

Gatsby's Speakeasy: 2020 Casino Night Leaderboard

Join our YLS Committees in a competition to see which committee can sell the most tickets to our annual Casino Night fundraiser for The Chicago Bar Foundation on February 20, 2020! Tickets are available for purchase at this link. Instruct your guest(s) to fill in your name as the 'host committee member' who invited them to receive credit for the ticket sale. 

This page will be kept updated with the top selling individual YLS member and top selling YLS Committee. The winning committee will receive a free lunch or happy hour for their committee.

Top Selling Individual(s) (1/23): Ava Caffarini and Svetlana Gitman 
Top Selling Committee (1/23): Professional Responsibility Committee