Law Student Mentoring

The Young Lawyers Section (YLS) provides several opportunities for law students to receive mentoring and guidance from members of the bar and to gain practical insights into everyday legal practice. 

Building Your Network Mentoring Program
This program is a partnership between DePaul University College of Law and the CBA Young Lawyers Section through which lawyer mentors between 1 and 10 years mentor 2L and 3L students. The aim is to expose law students to valuable learning opportunities and to build their network within the legal community. The program itinerary is casual; pairings are encouraged to meet 2-4 times and to attend two program events at the CBA. To participate as a mentor during the 2019-2020, please complete this form. MCLE credit is NOT available for this program. Contact Jennifer Byrne at if you are a lawyer interested in mentoring or with general inquiries about the program.  If you are a DePaul law student, please contact Katie Liss at with questions about the program. 

Lawyers / Mentors: Click here to view the training for the program.

Law Students / Mentees: Click here to view the training for the program.

Law Student Shadowing
YLS members offer opportunities for law students to shadow them to gain an understanding of the practice of law as well as serve as an introduction to the legal profession's many practice areas. Opportunities may include shadowing a lawyer to court or for a day in the office. During February 2020, the YLS is hosting a "Shadow a Lawyer Month" during which a series of shadowing opportunities will be posted on the CBA's website and shared with the CBA's law student members and local law schools. Contact Jennifer Byrne at for more information.

CBA Mentoring Programs
The CBA offers a variety of mentoring opportunities for members at different levels in the profession. Click here for a full list of the CBA's current mentoring programs.