March/April 2024 CBA Record

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CBA 2023 Flash Fiction Contest Winners:

1st Place: The Heron by Tom Keevers

2nd Place: Safe Harbor by Erica Rocco  (in PDF)

3rd Place: Table for Five by Alice E. Keane  (in PDF)

Inside the issue:

CBA 150th Anniversary Celebration:  A New Home for a Changing Profession, 1974-1999 
By John Levin

The Importance of Mentorship: Pay it Forward, and Play the Long Game 
By Martin D. Gould

Objection Techniques for Illinois Attorneys in State Court Depositions 
By Andre Hunter, Jr.
Fostering Connection Through Practical Learning:  Career Immersion Mentoring Program 
By J. Kopczyk, Georgia Booth, and Karen Munoz

In-Person vs. Virtual Court Etiquette 
By Elaina M. Stevens

Making the Most of Your Mentoring Relationship:  How to Be an Effective Mentor or Mentee 
By Kenneth Matuszewski

Finding Work-Life Balance as a Young Attorney 
By Kernisha Padilla
Recent Amendments to Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct 1.5 and 1.15 
By Stephanie Moon

Innovation in Action: The CBF Justice Entrepreneurs Project 
By Samoane Williams