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Lawyers in the ClassroomLawyers in the ClassroomLawyers in the Classroom

Working together through the Lawyers in the Classroom, teachers and attorneysā€™ partner to provide multiple authentic interactive learning opportunities that allow students to enhance critical thinking, collaboration and civil discourse skills. Attorney volunteers provide students with knowledge based on real-life experiences and offer young people an opportunity to interact with a variety of positive adult role models. 

The Lawyers In the Classroom program which had previously been administered by Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago (CRFC), transitioned in November 2019 to the CBA 501(c)(3), CBA Media and Civic Education Inc., formerly CBA Television Productions Inc., the charitable entity that works to serve and educate youth across Chicago. 

When is the Edward J. Lewis II Lawyers In the Classroom program offered?
The program is offered every school year, beginning in August and lasting through the end of June. 

How is the Edward J. Lewis II Lawyers In the Classroom program administered?
Director, Tiffani Watson, M.Ed., recruits and trains attorney volunteers, then coordinates the Lawyers In the Classroom program visits. The first step for interested volunteers is participating in one our streamlined Attorney Information & Training sessions. The sessions include in-depth information about the program and curriculum, along with demo lessons that provide teaching techniques to help volunteers impart the lessons. Next, participating attorneys will be partnered with teachers in 2nd-8th grade classrooms, and using the curriculum, will teach students their Constitutional Rights and their rights and responsibilities under the law.  

Who Is involved?
Teams of attorneys across Chicago and suburbs are partnered with schools, teachers and students in the Chicagoland area; all schools are included in our outreach; i.e. public, private, catholic, etc. Volunteers are typically asked to visit the same class 3 times in a school year.

Attorney information and training sessions are held September through November of the school year for new and returning lawyer volunteers. Click here to see upcoming Lawyers In the Classroom Attorney Information Training dates.

Who do I contact to for more information?
Contact Tiffani Watson, M.Ed. for further information at or (312) 554-2060.

Interested in learning more?
Discover why lawyers volunteer with and support the Edward J. Lewis II Lawyers In the Classroom program through its new interview series. You can view the entire series on YouTube.

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