Job Opening at The Chicago Bar Association:

Judicial Evaluation Committee Administrator
Posted February 2022

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EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree
EXPERIENCE: Employment history must show sufficient experience and/or education, knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties required

-  Excellent communication, organizational, and customer service skills
-  Proven ability to treat confidential information with appropriate discretion
-  Professional demeanor and good people skills
-  Proven ability to proactively organize and prioritize work and meet critical deadlines
-  A strong proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Microsoft Access

The Judicial Evaluation Committee (JEC) Administrator coordinates and administers all activities related to the Judicial Evaluation Committee, the JEC Appellate Review Committee and related committees. The JEC Administrator is responsible for maintaining all committee records, including confidential judicial questionnaires and forms, committee resolutions and guidelines, and committee rosters. The JEC Administrator is responsible for communicating with judges, judicial candidates, and committee members at all phases of the judicial evaluation process including in the distribution and collection of confidential questionnaires, the assignment of investigators and completion of the investigation, the coordination of judicial evaluation hearings, and the notification of the evaluation findings to candidates.

Primary Responsibilities for Judicial Evaluation Committee: 
- Maintain confidentiality of all candidate files
- Submit list of candidates to be evaluated to the committee, Board of Managers, legal publications, and newspapers
- Maintain Committee Records, including questionnaires and forms completed by judges and judicial candidates, committee resolutions, committee guidelines, and committee rosters
- Create new candidate files and maintain existing candidate files, including paper files and electronic files
- Communicate with judicial candidates to provide them with current questionnaire, forms, and due dates
- Update Microsoft Access database with each group of judicial candidates or judges being evaluated.
- Contact and assign candidate investigations to teams of investigators, track the progress of investigations, and maintain the confidentiality of investigation reports
- Supply completed investigation reports to Executive Committee members for review before scheduling hearings
- Notify hearing members of upcoming hearing schedule
- Schedule candidate hearings using Zoom
- Assign members to hearing rooms
- Create password protected candidate files including ballots to send to the hearing panel
- Track return of completed ballots
- Send ballots to hearing chair for chair to provide write-up on the finding
- Send chair’s written finding to Executive Director to include in letter to candidate
- Contact candidate to provide letter stating the result of the evaluation
- Update candidates file with report, ballot, and letter
- Work with Public Affairs Director to communicate findings with media, Chicago legal community and the general public
- Schedule Executive Committee meetings as necessary and provide pertinent documents to the members
- Committee business is conducted both in-person and virtually with occasional meetings occurring after 5:00 pm
Primary Responsibilities for the Appellate Review Committee:
- Maintain committee records including committee resolutions and committee roster
- Provide Appellate Resolution to candidates found not recommended
- Contact committee chair to randomly select names for the order to call members
- Create file for the members of the Appellate Review Panel
- Send protected files to Appellate Review Panel
- Committee business is conducted both in-person and virtually
- Schedule and invite members to committee meetings
- Track the vote taken by the Appellate Review Committee
- Contact candidate with the result of the Appellate Review Committee

Other Responsibilities
- Assist with other CBA special projects as required