Chicago Bar Association Urging the U.S. Supreme Court to Adopt a Code of Judicial Ethics
The CBA Joins with the American Bar Association in this Effort

November 7, 2023 - The Chicago Bar Association (CBA) recently passed a resolution urging the Supreme Court of the United States to adopt a binding code of judicial ethics. The CBA acted in support of the American Bar Association’s Resolution 400, which was passed earlier this year. The resolution calls on the Supreme Court to develop its own binding code of conduct similar to the Judicial Conference of the United States Code of Conduct, which lays out rules for the rest of the country’s federal judges regarding extrajudicial activities, financial matters, and other conduct.

“As attorneys, we know it is essential for all to have trust and confidence in our judiciary. The absence of a clearly articulated code of ethics for the Justices of the Supreme Court threatens the legitimacy of the Court, as well as all American courts and the American judicial system,” said Ray Koenig, CBA President.

Federal judges adhere to the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges, and most states have adopted a version of this code. The Judicial Conference adopted a Code of Conduct for United States Judges in 1973, but this code does not cover the U.S. Supreme Court.

“An independent judiciary is the cornerstone of the rule of law, and support for that independence relies on public confidence in the legitimacy of the courts. People must believe judges act ethically according to standards firmly grounded in integrity and impartiality. The Supreme Court must act now to create its own binding code of conduct to ensure public confidence,” added Koenig.

For further information contact Ann Glynn, CBA Public Affairs Director.