Add a Law Firm Profile

The CBA often receives inquiries from corporations asking for information about law firms in Chicago. In an effort to continue to respond to those requests and to meet the needs of our law firm members, we are offering a service whereby your firm can place a short profile on the CBA Web Page. The profile includes your firm's size, locations, areas of practice, etc. This profile ends with a hyperlink to your own Web Site. (If you do not currently have a Site, you can instead include a contact person and a telephone number). This will enable information about your firm's services to reach many more users throughout the world.

We are asking that each firm subscribing to the service contribute an annual fee of $350 to help defray our expenses in setting up the law firm section of our Web page. Law Firms are billed a renewal fee annually in February. If you are adding a firm profile to our Web site after September 1, please remit a pro-rated amount of $175.

Your firm's participation in this important service will enhance your visibility and help the Association address the increasing requests for information about Chicago area law firms. To join today, email the information requested below to Sharon Nolan, and send a check made payable to The Chicago Bar Association, Attn: Sharon Nolan, The Chicago Bar Association, 321 S. Plymouth Ct., Chicago, IL 60604. If you have additional questions, please call (312) 554-2130. If you would like to update your current listing, please send an email with changes to

Please include in your email:

Name of Firm:

Contact to be listed on Web Page for potential client reference:


Contact for questions about placement on the CBA Web Site:


Firm Offices:

Firm Web Site address (URL):

Description of firm for placement on CBA Web Site: (Please limit to 20 lines, include areas of practice, size of firm, etc.)

If you would like your firm logo included, please attach to the email if a .jpeg or .gif format.