Introducing New CBA President E. Lynn Grayson

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The July/August issue of the CBA Record is now available online. Features include:

Meet CBA President Lynn Grayson:  An Ardent Advocate for Improving the World 
By Kathryn C. Liss

Intersectionality: A Framework for Understanding Bias and Ourselves 
By Justice Michael B. Hyman

Reparations: 40 Acres and a Mule … with Interest 
By Patrick Dankwa John

Flash Fiction Contest Winner: Zoom and the Bigger Picture 
By Jonathan Safron

It’s Time for the CBA to Come Together as a Legal Community
By Tracy Brammeier

Beyond Binary Thinking 
By Erin Conlon
Restrictive Covenants: Isn’t it Time We Consider Consideration?
By Jacob A. Chodash