Chicago Bar Association Awards/Honors

The Chicago Bar Association honors lawyers and persons connected to the legal industry many times throughout the calendar year. Opportunities to recognize those making a difference in Chicago's legal community include:
  • Alliance for Women Annual Awards
    Presented annually in the Spring. The awards honor two outstanding women attorneys practicing law in Illinois with the Alta May Hulett and Founder's Awards. Information on submitting nominations can be found here.
  • Earl B. Dickerson Awards
    Presented annually in February. The awards recognize and honor minority lawyers and judges whose careers at the bar emulate the courage and dedication of Dickerson in making the law the key to justice for all in our society. Nominations for the Award are due by December 15.
  • Herman Kogan Media Awards
    Presented annually in May. The awards are presented to journalists who cover topics related to the law, the courts, or the administration of justice.
  • Justice John Paul Stevens Award
    Presented annually in September or October in conjunction with The Chicago Bar Foundation. The awards celebrate Illinois attorneys who have demonstrated extraordinary integrity and service to the community throughout their careers.
  • Pro Bono and Public Service Awards
    Presented annually in July in conjunction with The Chicago Bar Foundation. The awards honor the profession's unsung heroes from a broad cross-section of the legal community, recognizing their dedication to pro bono and public service. For more information about these awards, Contact Emme Veenbaas at or 312.554.1247 
  • Vanguard Awards
    Presented annually in April in conjunction with local bar associations. The awards honor the individuals and institutions who have made the law and legal profession more accessible to and reflective of the community at large.

For more information on the nomination deadline for an award, please contact CBA Special Events Coordinator Michele Spodarek at 312-554-2124.