Earl B. Dickerson Awards

Earl B. DickersonThis special award was established in honor of the late Earl B. Dickerson who was an outstanding lawyer and among the first African-American members of The Chicago Bar Association. His life and professional career were devoted to the law and helping others gain equality and justice. In this spirit, The Chicago Bar Association established the Dickerson Award to recognize and honor minority lawyers and judges whose careers at the bar emulate the courage and dedication of Dickerson in making the law the key to justice for all in our society. Questions? Contact Angie Cruz at 312-554-2132.

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2021 Honorees include:

Judge David H. Coar
Judge David H. Coar (ret.)
Mediator and Arbitrator, JAMS

Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman
Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman
U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois

Patrick D. John
Patrick Dankwa John
The Law Office Of Patrick Dankwa John, PC

Greta Weathersby
Greta Weathersby
Senior Corporate Counsel, WEC Energy Group, Inc.