DICE Mission Statement

The purpose of this Committee is to design a set of activities and events through a specific plan to promote diversity, inclusivity, equity, and engagement of every member of the department.  In other words, the overarching mission of the Committee will be to ensure that: Diversity, which is the range of different human characteristics that make us different from each other, includes to the extent possible within the membership, a focus that incorporates, race, gender, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, age, physical attributes and disability or challenges, religious and political beliefs.

The Committee will lead activities and events that will be designed to create an atmosphere of inclusivity by promoting a feeling of belongingness to the organization, with every member feeling valued for the skills and talents that they bring as a whole person to the association and that each member will have a level playing field in the construction of organizational. It will consult and provide guidance on the authenticity of work done by the bar association in the name of diversity and inclusion.

As it pertains to activities and events, the Committee will foster member Engagement related to inclusivity and in the conduct of membership involvement, offer opportunities that can assist members to participate in internal and public facing volunteer activities that allow for varying degrees of time and investment that the individuals feel they can make to the association. The goal of this type of engagement is to promote an opportunity for transformational involvement for members in their learning about the tenets of diversity, inclusivity, culture, equity, and engagement with their colleagues.

The Committee will help offer guidance in internal program development and collaborate with all other committees when requested in the development of public facing projects and programs that encourage and enhance the equal treatment of persons with equal skill and qualification, free from socio-cultural biases. Finally, the Committee will encourage and promote activities and events that motivate the understanding of Culture, as well as the customs and norms that define our diverse members, which are derived from a common core set of beliefs from their various communities.

DICE Founding Committee Members

Nina Fain, Corporate Counsel, JSS Family Trust; Chair, CBA Covid-19 Recovery Committee; Past Board of Managers Member
Justice Michael B. Hyman, Illinois Appellate Court; Past CBA President
Ray J. Koenig III, Clark Hill; CBA Secretary (2021-22 2nd Vice President)
Greta Weathersby, Senior Counsel, WEC Energy Group, Inc.; Chair, CBA COVID-19 Recovery Committee; Moderator