March/April 2023 CBA Record

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CBA Record Magazine Cover March April 2023

2022 Flash Fiction Creative Writing Contest

CBA 2022 Flash Fiction Contest Winners:

1st Place: Unlocking the Heart of Law by Sandra D. Mertens

2nd Place: Dark of Day by Blake Shuart  (in PDF)

3rd Place: Going Up by Jack Leyhane  (in PDF)

Inside the issue:

Advice for Young Lawyers:

It’s the Good Advice That You Just Didn’t Take 
By Daniel Berkowitz

How to Be a Better Associate: Minimizing Stress  (on Yourself and Others) 
By Brian M. Bentrup

Why the Art of Billing is Crucial 
By Paige N. Fox

What Teaching Taught Me About Succeeding as an Attorney
By John Anders

Résumé Review: Breadth and Depth 
By Patrick Barry

Plus… Precise Advice: Advice for Young Lawyers from Young Lawyers
Andre Hunter, Jr., Aaron Kacel and Kernisha Padilla