March/April 2022 CBA Record

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2021 Flash Fiction Creative Writing Contest

CBA 2021 Flash Fiction Contest Winners:

1st Place: Zoom and the Bigger Picture by Jonathan Safron
2nd Place: Marathon of the Mind by Marie Hollister  
3rd Place: The Awakening by Elizabeth Streit  

Inside the issue:

The Importance of Coming Together
by Tracy Brammeier

Navigating the Speedy Trial Process
by Jarrad Woodson

Responding to Subpoenas Seeking Electronically Stored Information: 7 Basic Tips for Young Lawyers
by Jake Berger

From the Bench: Judge Charles P. Kocoras
by Kenneth Matuszewski

Paying It Forward: The YLS Mentorship Program
by Ted Kontopoulos

What Has the YLS Done for You? Perspectives on Purpose & Participation 
by Kaitlin King & Ted Kontopoulos