Law Practice Management and Technology Resources to Help Run Your Office Remotely and Maintain the Daily Operations of Your Practice

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How To…Use Office 365 To Collaborate & Communicate (includes instructions on how to use Teams) (no MCLE) How To…Use e-Signatures in Your Practice (no MCLE)
How To…Create a Client Portal with Common Software (no MCLE)
How To…Fearlessly Text with Clients (no MCLE)
How To…Use Google Docs for Document Collaboration (no MCLE)
The Ethics of Communicating with Clients Via Text (1.5 PR-MCLE)
How To…Take a Remote Deposition with Zoom (0.5 PR-MCLE)
COVID-19: Technology Ideas To Spur Productivity (1 PR MCLE)             
Troubleshooting Virtual Meeting Software (0.5 PR-MCLE)
Keeping It Together Working From Home (0.75 PR-MCLE, 0.25 PR-MCLE, Mental Health and Substance Abuse)


COVID-19 Blog Series by LPMT Professional Catherine Sanders Reach
3 Part Blog Post From Catherine Sanders Reach, Director for the Center for Practice Management at the North Carolina Bar Association (former CBA Director of Law Practice Management and Technology)
-COVID-19: Awareness, Response, and Workplace Plans/Policies
-COVID-19: Law Firm Operations
-COVID-19: Serving Clients

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