The John Marshall Law School Library: Member Access

CBA members may access the JMLS Law Library with the purchase of a $10 JMLS photo id card.

About the Library

The Library entrance is on the 6th floor of the Law School. Access to the Library is available through the Law School's State Street entrance and also through a walkway on the 6th floor of the CBA building at 321 S. Plymouth Ct. The walkway is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more detailed descriptions of the Library’s services, holdings, collections, policies and business hours, visit the Library website at

To reach the library by phone, call the Law School’s general number at 312-427-2737 and press x710 for Circulation or x729 for Reference. The Circulation Desk also has a direct number, 312-987-1413.

Library Access & Privileges

  • CBA members must have a JMLS photo i.d. card to use the automatic entry gates to the Law School and CBA walkway. Please complete a Library Usage Agreement and pay a one time fee of $10 for the card. The card remains valid for as long as you are a CBA member in good standing. I.d. cards may be purchased on the second floor of the JMLS building from the Security Dept. Office, Room 209 on the second floor of the State Street building. Your JMLS photo i.d. card gives you automatic access to the library during all hours that the Library is open.
  • You must also have a JMLS photo i.d. card in order to check out Library materials, make copies and print at the Library. Fees may apply.
  • Sharing your i.d. card is a violation of the Law School’s security policy. Please do not lend you card to anyone. There is a $25 replacement fee for lost cards.
  • You may also obtain an i.d. card for your law clerk(s). Please provide the name(s) of your clerks under the authorization portion of the Library Usage Agreement and pay $10 for each clerk’s card. The clerk’s card allows your law clerk to use the Library and also check out materials on your behalf. Clerk’s cards remain valid for 6 months and may be renewed for an additional $10 fee.
  • The Library allows tightly covered drink containers, including plastic bottles and cardboard coffee cups. If you bring food into the Library, please be respectful of fellow patrons.
  • Please set cell phone ringers on silent or vibrate when entering the Library. Talking on a  portable telephone is not permitted in the Library. Please leave the Library or go to a stairwell before using such a device.
  • You are welcome to use your laptops in the Library. Wireless internet access is also available. Please do not leave laptops or any other valuables unattended.

Legal Research at the JMLS Library

The JMLS Library subscribes to several commercial legal databases including LexisNexis, Westlaw, and HeinOnline. The library provides access to LexisNexis Academic and Westlaw Patron Access (WestPac) so that CBA members may access many of the resources available in LexisNexis and Westlaw. WestPac includes federal and state primary law materials and has Keycite functionality for updating legal research. Secondary materials, including forms, are not generally included in the subscription. Access to these databases is limited to the four dedicated CBA/Alumni terminals. Note that only two users may access WestPac at a time. Under the academic subscription contract, access to some databases, including full access to Westlaw and Lexisnexis, is restricted to JMLS Law faculty, students, and staff. There are four computer terminals dedicated to CBA and JMLS Alumni use. Off-campus database access is not available. Please email with any questions about resource access.


Electronic Resources at the JMLS Library

Access to electronic resources, as well as general internet access, is available only at the four(4) non-networked public access computers on 6. It is possible to print from these computers using your i.d. card.  After clicking on print in whatever application you are using, a box labeled Uniflow should appear on your screen.  Enter the first five digits on the back of your card into the Uniflow box.  Then go to one of the network printers and swipe your card.  Your print job should then appear in your print queue.  Select your print job and print.  The screen will also display the balance on your card.  To add value to your card, go to the Security Dept Office, Room 209 on the second floor of the State Street building.