Welcome to the Young Lawyers Section

The Young Lawyers Section (YLS) invites you “Honor Our Legacy, Shape Our Future” this momentous year, which marks the Chicago Bar Association (CBA)’s 150th anniversary where we will be celebrating our association’s long and storied history. Please take advantage of the great opportunities for professional growth, community service, and networking that we offer to our approximately 7,000 members. This year, the YLS will offer 25 substantive committees, implement over 50 member and public service projects, and host numerous seminars and networking events.

Whether you are a law student or young attorney, the YLS is a valuable resource for your personal and professional development. Consider attending a committee meeting or seminar, a social or volunteer with a member or public service project in order to enhance your career. As a YLS member, you should know you can always reach out to me or any member of our Executive Board with any programming or event ideas, or if you want to get more involved with the YLS or CBA, whether it be at the committee level or with any specific program or event. Get involved and lead through service while improving your legal career and professional network!

If you have questions about the YLS, please contact Emily Anderson, YLS Director at (312) 554-2070, or contact me directly.


Martin D. Gould
2023-2024 Chair