Lawyer Referral Service

Hire a lawyer in Cook County or the surrounding suburbs
The Chicago Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service has over 200 screened, qualified lawyers experienced in almost every area of law. Meeting the American Bar Association's Standards for Lawyer Referral, our service has among the highest experience requirements for its member lawyers in the entire nation.

We can refer you to lawyers experienced in over 40 areas of law, including the following:
  • Domestic Relations (including divorce, custody, support and other family law matters);
  • Personal Injury (including auto accidents, slip and falls, products liability, wrongful death, malpractice and other types of injury cases);
  • Estate Planning (including will drafting, trusts, probate and will contests);
  • Real Estate (including buying or selling real estate, foreclosure defense, and landlord-tenant issues);
  • Employment Law (including wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination); and
  • Numerous other areas of law.

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For a referral outside of Illinois, please visit LRSconnect.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff of referral counselors can help you find an experienced lawyer who is right for you. Our member lawyers have on average over 20 years of experience and we are continually evaluating our lawyers for customer satisfaction.

 What Does It Cost?

If you meet with the lawyer we refer, the lawyer will collect $30 at the initial consultation (which goes towards the operating costs of our service). The lawyer may also charge a fee for their time/service, which should be discussed directly with the lawyer prior to the meeting. During or after your initial consultation, the lawyer will discuss the legal fees required to handle your matter. There is no obligation on your part or the lawyer to go beyond the first initial telephone contact or meeting.

The Lawyer Referral Service is a non-profit public service of the Chicago Bar Association. Trusted since 1874.

The Lawyer Referral Service respects your privacy.

Use of the Lawyer Referral Service implies compliance with the LRS Terms and Conditions.

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